You can't always trust what you see. Occasionally something catches your eye and there are more questions than answers. It could be something small or a dazzling spectacle, but it's presence is often compelling. We are fascinated by this. At Studio Vertigo we manipulate materials to create objects that contradict and obscure our sense of what is real. We like to think that even brief moments of questioning open up a space of possibility. A space that has the potential to be transformative; connecting objects, viewers and space together in that moment.


Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events


Festival 6, Portmerion, Wales, United Kingdom (7th-10th September 2017)



Henley Festival, Henley on Thames, United Kingdom (5th-9th July 2017)
Kew Gardens, Royal Botanic Gardens, Surrey, United Kingdom (23rd November 2016 – 2nd January 2017)
Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom (25th November 2016 - 2nd January 2017)
Norrköping Light Festival, Motala River, Norrköping, Sweden (27th November 2016 to 8th January 2017)
Southover Grange Gardens, Lewes, United Kingdom (2nd-13rd December 2016)
Enchanted Parks, Gateshead, United Kingdom (6-11th December 2016)



Stephen Newby
Lucy McDonnell